Tuesday, August 16


My son is asleep in his crib. Bundled, no crib toys or accessories for new health violations. He has been fussy, and would cry whenever I walk away from him. I never really got anything accomplished during the day. I had to have my mom watch him so I could clean and do homework. I felt like I was too awesome of a mom to where he was so attached, yet he was spoiled. I heard a lot about a spoiled newborn or baby and other things about you can not spoil a baby younger than 6 months. Well, my son is not in that study. He is really, really smart and active. Doctor told me he is above height and weight for his age. So I thought I was an exception and had to wing him subtly but sooner. That is what mommy milk gets you. Just gave him some Gerber cereal to day, took him for a walk, gave him some milk, and I have not had a problem with him at all today. Usually he is fussy, not too content for up to a few hours a day but if he has my attention, he is the happiest baby. Now that I have him on a schedule, I can clean, eat, shower, do work, and even blog with no disruptions. It's lovely. I feel so rejuvenated, sane, and happy. I'm still awesome, but now when I start my salary job with Hewitt on the 14th, unless this other employer called Mercer has a sooner start date my baby won't be the fussy one of the bunch. You know how you go to a store, and you see a mother frustrated with their baby because they won't stop crying until mommy picks them up? That was me last week in Kroger. Not me anymore. Woop!

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