I talked to a guy today. He asked me how my day was going. A total stranger. He sent me a message on  website. I usually bypass messages but I was not going to be rude. I responded. He said his day was not going well because his children's mother wants to leave him for another man. He is truly hurt. Now in this day and age, I cant even count on my hand the men doing the same thing. Not because it happened to me, but 990% of the women I cross. So, mind you, I have no clue who he is and I reached out and responded accordingly: OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... I hope it gets better. I really do. I love for families to work out issues. Venturing outside the home is always a bad idea, always. forgiveness is ten times harder that way. In the end, you'd rather it be now then be married for 15 years, and her doing it then when you cant get the years of your life back. all the time that would be lost. Her leaving may be that very blessing or a lesson. A lesson that even if she doesn't come back, you know you gave it your all, and you owe it to yourself to heal and move on and forgive. you know? He responded saying he is ok but just kills him that he can not see his son everyday like he wants. It leaves me bewildered because she is lucky to have a man that wants to be there outside of the percentage of single parent percentages int his world today. I mean, even if he worked a lot, there was no other alternative? I hear only half the side, so I am not judging her at all. It's life. I told him to live it the best way you can and commend yourself for not settling on being a stereotype. I told him he is blessed to have his head on right and he should hold his head up high regardless because he is one of a kind. I would have loved that type of commitment. I do not regret my situation. It honestly is the way it should be. I'm grateful, and I told him the more your worry about what happened, the less time you have to reach success and a new chance at life. The more he goes back and forth, the more she has control over him and his destiny. He should be in control. He may be a stranger, but he is still human and if I can lend a hand, I sure gave it to him. Blessed.