Friday, August 19

Midterm, men, and mess. -_-

I missed my midterm yesterday, and just made it up today. So upset, I can only get 50%! I was up doing hair and babysitting my sisters and baby all day I just crashed and forgot. Not to mention my alarm failed to go off for me to wake up and do it.  I had to clean and do so much but feeding my baby, myself, my twin sisters, taking down their hair, and getting through the day by myself is such a hassle. I am trying so hard to just do everything and still keep my sanity. I almost lost my cool and somebody would have gotten THE WRATH. Then I thought, okay. That was me then, Wrath is definitely a sin. I'm trying to stay in a good path, and stay an example for my son. That's why I'm taking dating extremely serious and being very selective on who I even talk to on any level other than friend. His father mentioned why would he bring another woman around our son, but that's not much of an option or interrogative statement anymore. It will happen inevitably, and as long as she is the right one because we need to be cautious in this together. Especially how intertwined the world is today. :-/ I admit I am not on the market for dating though. :-) I was so stressed today, it could have been a straight mess. My day could have ended one of two ways: Being melancholy and depressed til I went to sleep, or being grateful for being able to feel period and thank God for trials for deliverance. I lost my temper ways, thank God, and I feel as though I may have failed this test from missing a deadline, but mu over all score is solely dependent off my final exam and I WILL do that with excellence.

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